The Common Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore

Nothing is more annoying than a broken or poorly functioning toilet. Not only can toilet problems hinder your day-to-day activities but cause utility bills to skyrocket. While some issues can be resolved either by yourself or by calling a professional plumber, others might require total replacement, which can cost you a fortune.

Here’s a quick rundown of the common toilet problems that require the immediate attention of the homeowner. Do not overlook these signs, and replace your toilet if you find yourself in such situations.

The Common Toilet Problems You Should Never Ignore

The mystery of toilet problems can drive you crazy. Hence, if you spot any troubles with your toilet, don’t wait for them to go away. Pay close attention to these warning signs and call a professional plumber immediately if you face any of them when using your toilet.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is the most common and frustrating toilet problem that you cannot overlook. If your toilet is constantly running, it can not only hinder your day-to-day life but also waste a lot of water, costing you money on your water bills.

Several reasons are responsible for running toilets, including a leaky flapper, damaged seal, or faulty flush valve. So, if you are encountering such trouble, don’t panic and consider replacing these components to get your toilet back to normal functioning.

Inappropriate Water Usage

Have you noticed the water consumption of your toilet? If your toilet uses much more water than usual, then wait no more and consider replacing it immediately to save on your water bills.

While opting for a new unit might seem pricey at first glance, it will help you save a lot on your monthly bills and regular repairs.

Planning for bathroom renovation

Yet another reason why you should consider upgrading your toilet seat is when you plan a complete bathroom renovation. It is the best chance to eliminate all problems associated with older units while giving your bathroom a new touch.

Keep in mind that if you don’t like the existing toilet seat, then it’s no point investing your hard-earned cash in repairing the same. Opt for a new toilet that matches the existing decor and adds an appealing touch to your bathroom.

Toilet Leaks

Who on this planet can survive with a leaky toilet? If you also face such a problem, it’s high time to either replace the unit or opt for the necessary repairs.  Leaks at the toilet base aren’t just frustrating but also unsanitary and unhygienic.

These leaks can also stem from the contaminated liquid in your toilet bowl rather than clean water. Hence, pay close attention and call a professional plumber immediately to handle the trouble.

Remember that water can damage your bathroom floors, and leaking toilets is not just waste water but poses a health risk. Before you jump into any DIY or call the plumber, it’s good to identify the source of the leak. Common leak areas include the toilet base, the water supply line connection, the nut behind the valve, and loose tank-to-bowl connections.

Broken and Outdated Components

Lastly, consider replacing the toilet seat if it was installed years ago and now all its parts and components are outdated. Remember that if your toilet unit is older and its components are outdated, you might face difficulty repairing them. Hence, it is suggested to replace the seat altogether to avoid any last-minute troubles.


That’s all about the common toilet problems you must have faced at least once.  If you are experiencing such problems, replace an inefficient toilet with a modern water-saving unit and cut extra spending on your monthly bills, contact a local plumber today.

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