Emergency Plumber

Do you need the services of an emergency plumber in Sydney? Reactive Plumbing are available night and day to repair burst pipes, leaks, and more.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can be a catastrophe. Thankfully if you live in Sydney the team at Reactive Plumbing are a phone call away. We can unblock any drain today.

Drain Relining

Drain relining is a quick, cost effective, and permanent way to restore your pipes without invasive digging.

Burst Pipes

There are two basic reasons a home may have to deal with a burst water pipe. The first is the result of corrosion that takes place inside the pipe and over time will cause the pipe to leak.

Backflow Prevention

Whether you need emergency plumbing services, regular plumbing maintenance, or backflow prevention, our experts can handle it for you in a timely manner.

Bathroom Plumbing

From showers and sinks to taps and tubs, we’re the bathroom plumbing team Sydney trusts for the best in service.

Blocked Toilet

There are few plumbing problems that are more unpleasant than dealing with a blocked toilet. It smells terrible and puts your toilet out us of use which is obviously inconvenient.

Toilet Repair & Replacement

Whether it’s a simple repair or a complete replacement, our plumbers are experts in toilet service.

Leaking Tap Repair

Do you have a leaking tap in your Sydney home? Ignoring it can cost you time and money. Call Reactive Plumbing today for leaking tap repairs.

Tap Repair

A leaking tap can cost you money, not to mention also wasting precious water. Contact Reactive Plumbing today for tap repair services in Sydney and beyond.

Water Leaks

If you have leaking water in your home plumbing or piping systems, don’t wait to reach out for help. We’ll get leaks pinpointed and repaired to avoid damage to your property.

CCTV Inspections

At Reactive Plumbing, we use Closed Circuit Television Inspections (CCTV) for the purpose of determining blocked drains, structural conditions, locating service laterals, finding evidence if infiltration and inflow.

Residential Maintenance

Ensuring your home’s plumbing system is well maintained will save you time and money in the long run. Contact Reactive Plumbing for assistance in Sydney.

Commercial Shopping Centre Maintenance

Need a reliable plumbing service provider for your commercial property? Contact Reactive Plumbing for assistance in and around Sydney.

Hot Water Systems Sydney

If your hot water system is playing up and you need a quote on a new hot water system please contact us for options. Call Reactive Plumbing Sydney.

Clean Pipes with RootX

Tree roots can cause destroy your sewer or septic system. Stop tree roots now with RootX for residential sewer lines, storm water pipes and septic systems.

Thermostatic Mixing Values

Keep your water at the perfect temperature at all times. If you need a thermostatic mixing valve replaced or installed, we’re the team to trust.

Leaking Gutter Repairs

Is your gutter leaking? Instead of enduring the frustration, simply give our team a call to restore your gutters.

Hot Water System Installations

In the market for a new hot water system? From replacements and upgrades to new installations, we’ll fit your property with a high-quality hot water heater you can count on.

Leaking Gas Fixed

Gas leaks are serious business. If you smell or suspect gas is leaking, reach out to our team immediately. We’ll help you restore your property to safe, normal working order.

Gas Fitting & Installation

From gas ovens and stoves to cooktops and gas BBQs, we’re the professional gas fitter you can depend on.

Caroma Tap Mixer Installation

The Caroma Cirrus mixer taps are high-quality, hassle-free taps we install for ultimate style, convenience, and efficiency.