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Are your drains are clogged and overflowing? Have tree roots invaded your sewer or stormwater? Don’t let anyone dig up your beautiful landscaping. Talk with Ben Hern’s team of drain relining experts first. We service Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Drains Blocked? Thirsty Trees Nearby?

If you suspect thirsty tree roots have invaded your sewer or stormwater, it’s time to get a specialist drain plumber to check it out. We all love trees, but when they start attacking your drainage system, you need to fight back before it becomes a major headache. We’re experts in resolving tree root damage, and have all of the tools and advanced equipment to get it fixed.

CCTV Drain Inspection

How Can You Fix It?

First of all, ask the team at Reactive Plumbing to take a look it. We will come out to your home or business and locate where the problem is. We do that by using a specialised CCTV drain camera. It will show you what is causing your drains to block, and exactly where the problem is.

If there is something that’s found it’s way into your drains without causing any damage, we can usually remove the blockage with our high pressure water jets.

But with old clay pipe drainage systems, they sometimes crack or collapse and become full of tree roots.

When that happens, you will need to have your drains repaired, replaced or relined.

What Is Drain Relining?

When you already have an established garden and beautiful landscaping that’s cost you a fortune, the last thing you want is someone digging it all up and leaving you with a mess.

Drain relining provides a quick, cost effective and permanent rehabilitation of pipes under driveways, pipes buried well beneath your landscaping, and hard to get at pipes within buildings (eg inner city terraces and apartment blocks). Best of all, it’s guaranteed for 25 years.

Drain & Pipe Relining Video

If you have a leaking or blocked drain that’s hidden under beautiful landscaping, or buried deep beneath your nicely paved driveway, don’t waste money digging it up…Call Reactive Plumbing, your local Drain Relining Experts.

Why Choose Reactive Plumbing?

Ben Hern’s team of specialised plumbers are drain relining experts. We are Dural’s leading choice for reliable, trustworthy plumbers who deliver a first class service experience.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction with our drain relining service is 100% guaranteed. With that in mind, we promise to:
  • Be friendly, courteous, polite and respectful
  • Respond to your inquiries in a timely manner
  • Arrive on time and clean up afterwards
We also…
  • Employ highly skilled, drain relining specialists who are committed to your complete satisfaction
  • Use top quality relining products from trusted brands like Brawoliner backed by strong warranties
  • Provide ongoing service and support
  • Plus…we promise to listen to your needs, provide easy to understand solutions, using drain repair options that fit within your budget.

You’ll Love Reactive Plumbing

You’ll love your experience with Reactive Plumbing. You’ll receive a call 30 mins before we arrive. You’ll be greeted by a neat & tidy plumber who is courteous, respectful and friendly. You’ll receive a lifetime workmanship guarantee. When you need your drains repaired with a minimum of fuss…call Reactive Plumbing. Contact us today to install a Caroma Cirrus Mixer Tap and save big!