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North Shore's trusted pipe relining specialists

Dealing with stubbornly blocked and overflowing drains? Is your sewer or stormwater system compromised by intrusive tree roots? Avoid disrupting your stunning landscape and first consult with Ben Hern’s qualified team of pipe relining professionals. We offer our specialist services throughout Sydney, including the North Shore region.

Trees encroaching on your drainage system?

When the roots of trees compromise your sewer or stormwater systems, it becomes necessary to have an expert plumber evaluate the situation. Although trees add natural beauty to any landscape, they can become problematic when they interfere with your drainage system. Don’t wait for the issue to amplify into a significant nuisance. Our team is proficient at addressing tree root damages, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology for prompt and efficient rectification.

The Course of Action

Begin by reaching out to the dedicated team at Reactive Plumbing for an assessment. We will conduct an on-site visit to your home or business to pinpoint the problematic area. Our sophisticated CCTV drain camera technology allows us to diagnose and illustrate the cause of your drainage obstruction, giving you a clear picture of the issue.

In cases where non-damaging foreign materials have clogged your drains, we usually employ our high-pressure water jets to efficiently remove the obstruction.

However, older clay pipe drainage systems can often suffer from cracks or collapses, turning into hotspots for tree root growth.

In such situations, your drainage system may require repair, replacement, or relining.

Pipe Relining Calculator

Pipe Relining Calculator
Diameter of pipes to be relined - Sometimes it is noted on your sewer diagram. Otherwise your plumber can provide this information.
Please enter a number from 5 to 30.
Length of pipe - The length of the pipe that needs to be fixed. Your plumber can provide this information.
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Number of junctions - The number of junctions on the affected pipe that need to be reinstated after relining (does not include relining of the junctions themselves).
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Understanding Pipe Relining

If you have a well-maintained garden and exquisite landscaping that represents a significant investment, the prospect of someone digging it all up is a nightmare you’d want to avoid.

Pipe relining serves as a fast, cost-efficient, and lasting method to restore pipes beneath driveways, pipes deeply embedded within your landscaping, and those hard-to-reach pipes within structures (like inner-city terraces and apartment blocks). The best part is that it comes with a solid 25-year guarantee.

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North Shore's Pipe and Drain Relining Specialists

If you’re dealing with a leaking or blocked drain hidden beneath your carefully crafted landscape or tucked away deep below your beautifully paved driveway, don’t incur unnecessary expenses by opting for excavation.

Instead, get in touch with Reactive Plumbing, your trusted local drain relining specialists in Sydney’s North Shore.