Offering Blocked Drain Services in Sydney, Dural and the Surrounding Areas

One moment you’re washing dishes or enjoying a hot shower. The next you realise that the water is starting to pool and not draining fast enough. If you continue to ignore the problem then you might hear gurgling noises. Then there’s the bad smell and debris starting to back up and even overflow.

Blocked drains are a nuisance to deal with, difficult to prevent, and can occur in any drain in your Sydney home. If you start seeing water building up near your outside drain, or even experiencing water rising when other tap is opening, the problem could lie in the pipes that they share. A build-up of commercial and residentially-generated waste including insoluble ingredients such as fat, grease and sludge are often the culprits of entrenched issues. We have seen many household inside and outside drains blocked by these materials, and it often happens over the course of several years.

These types of blockages will often resist hot water, over the counter cleaners, or any another remedy households. Certain corrosive cleaners might unblock your drain, but may end up causing expensive damages to your pipes at the same time. In many cases, these store-bought solutions don’t actually address the true cause of the blockage, and what seems like a quick fix suddenly turns into a recurring nightmare for a homeowner.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to get your drain to unblock, then you need to call us for advice as soon as possible.

Not only will we remove the blockage, but we will also disinfect and clean your drain so that it is safe to use, and won’t breed germs. If the blockage reoccurs, we can work with you to find out why the blocks are happening, and prevent them from occurring in the future.
If you are tired of struggling with blocked drains, you only have to call Reactive Plumbing today for professional blocked drain assistance.