Tips for Taking Care of Your Plumbing This Fall

When autumn arrives, we all know that winter won’t be far behind. This season is a gentle reminder to homeowners that they should be getting ready for cold and wet times ahead. Fall in Australia marks the beginning of cooler temperatures, and it’s a relief from the summer heatwaves, but the changing colours of the leaves also let us know that damper, more bitter weather is on the way. As the seasons change, we must check on our plumbing systems in anticipation of a cold, wet season.

Failure to prepare for eventualities and maintain their plumbing systems properly can cost homeowners a lot of money in repairs. Temperature fluctuations and excessive rainfall can damage plumbing. The prudent course of action is to examine your system and correct any problems while the weather is pleasant enough to do so. Here are a few suggestions for preparing your plumbing this fall so you can relax this winter.

Inspect Your Hot Water System

You do not want to spend the coming cold days with no hot water at your residence. Therefore, it is vital that you check your hot water heater for leaks and assess its overall efficiency.

There are certain telltale signs that your water heater needs attention. One of the most noticeable is unusual noise coming from it. This is caused a buildup of sediment in the tank. It’s a common problem, especially if you have hard water. This accumulation can also interfere with the device’s basic performance. If you have experienced a drop in hot water temperature or a lack of pressure during your shower, those issues may be attributable to the same cause. To correct this situation, a hot water heater should be flushed out about once every three years.

To do so, you must shut off the power to the system and turn off the valve for the cold water going into it. During the process, you should open a hot water faucet in at least one of your sinks. Make absolutely sure that you’ve allowed enough time for the water to cool down. This could take a couple of hours. Next, you’ll attach a hose to the drain at the bottom of the tank and open the valve. Ensure that the hose has a good place to drain. A screen or a colander can be useful to catch the sediment. Watch for the water to run clear. Once it does, reverse the process.

Of course, if this sounds like too much trouble, you can always have professionals do the job for you. If you’re located anywhere in the Sydney area, you can rely on us at Reactive Plumbing. We’d be happy to assist.

Carry Out an Inspection of Stormwater Drainage

In this region, properties are sometimes equipped with a stormwater system to carry rainwater runoff away from the grounds during the wet season. One might consist of pits, gullies, channels and pipework. During the winter, this type of system can come in handy. A significant rain event can create choke points that leave water with nowhere to go. Forethought and good drainage prevent flooding and standing water. This important measure of protection can even prevent potential damage to a building’s structure

The fall is the best time to carry out a thorough inspection of your pipework and do maintenance and repairs on it is necessary. Well-maintained drains and pipework allow for the free flow of water.

Unblock Any Clogged Drains

Blocked drains can quickly turn into a nightmare as winter sets in. If your issues are relatively minor, you may wish to tackle them yourself. Sometimes, a basic plunger can work wonders. Be very cautious of using harsh chemicals, however. They can severely damage your plumbing. More serious problems call for the right tools, and even the right tools can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Whether your concerns are with your stormwater drainage, your sewage system or the household drains for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry, it’s wise to have a professional plumber inspect them. Our team at Reactive Plumbing can help you with this as well. Booking a professional drain inspection is a wise investment. Even if you can unclog a blocked drain on your own, you can’t tell whether other issues are just out of sight.

Check on Any Leaking Pipes and Taps

In anticipation of winter, it’s important to ensure that you have no leaking faucets and pipes. Check to determine that your pipes, laundry connections, and bathroom and kitchen taps and fixtures aren’t leaking. Even a leaking faucet is wasting a valuable resource.

In our part of Australia, we’re fortunate not to experience freezing temperatures. People in other locations have to worry about frozen pipes and hoses bursting. Nevertheless, plumbing leaks can still cause us plenty of damage. The water lost from our plumbing may not freeze, but it can stagnate and become a breeding ground for unwanted insects and bacteria. Damp surfaces also promote the growth of mildew and mold. This is dangerous for your family’s health. Mold, in particular, can provoke allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Water leaks can also cause unseen material damage to a house’s foundation and structure. Unfortunately, some of these problems are only discovered when they have already necessitated costly repairs.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Although most people don’t think of their gutters as part of their plumbing system, they’re designed to carry away the large amounts of water we can expect in our rainy season, so we’re including them in this discussion. Cleaning gutters and downspouts is critical during the fall because it removes the collected leaves and debris that prevent water from draining properly during the winter. A clogged gutter can lead to a leaking roof and may cause water damage to the house. Failure to clean the gutters could cause severe blockages that would be expensive to repair.

Due to the number of falling leaves in the autumn, it’s crucial that a homeowner clear and remove those that might block drainage in the winter, and gutters are particularly susceptible to this problem. These leaves also invite insects and pests that could potentially find their way into the house. While you’re at it, it’s also a good time to prune back any branches that might pose a risk of damaging this drainage system.

A Local Plumbing Service You Can Trust

The fall plumbing tips we’ve outlined above are the basic and routine chores that every homeowner should undertake before the end of the year. They are important in preventing plumbing problems during the winter.

If you need professional assistance with any of them, Reactive Plumbing is just a phone call away, and we’re always ready to give you a helping hand. Our plumbers have years of experience, and they’re available for emergencies repairs 24/7. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers throughout Greater Sydney.

You can also rely on us for water heater repairs and installations, toilet repairs and replacements, gas pipe fitting and installation, gas leak detection and repair, CCTV drain inspection, drain relining, VIP maintenance programs and more. Regardless of your plumbing concerns, our company is dedicated to providing you with outstanding results. For more information about our services and discounts contact us today.

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