Sewer overflowing? Are tree roots blocking your drains? Stop tree roots with RootX

Stop Tree Roots from Clogging your Drains with RootXRemoving tree roots from sewers is a hazardous job that’s best left to a professional plumber and drain cleaner. First of all, you need to identify the source of the tree roots that are invading and blocking your drains. We do that by using a high tech CCTV video camera that’s made especially for this task.

Once we are confident we have pinpointed the problem, we use a high-pressure water jet to clear the tree root infestation. The reason we use a water jetter (instead of an electric eel), is to make sure your pipes are not damaged during the drain clearing process.

When we have cleared your tree roots, we use our CCTV camera to make sure we’ve got it all, so your pipes can run freely. If we detect any further tree roots, we will clear them too.

After that, you can choose to have a tree root prevention plan put in place, or if you feel a more permanent solution is required, we can discuss that with you. For ongoing tree root prevention, we trust and recommend RootX. We guarantee it will prevent further tree root invasions for at least 12 months. Call Reactive Plumbing to book a sewer drain inspection and RootX treatment today!

Drain Clearing and Cleaning

RootxThere are many ways to clear your drains. For mild blockages, environmentally friendly, enzymatic and chemical-based solutions can often reduce build-up. Once we have cleared your drains, we recommend RootX to keep your drains clean and clear of tree roots.

For more difficult jobs, our professional drain cleaner may use high-pressure water jets or industrial plungers. Our plumbers can help you with clogged shower drains, unwanted sewer smells, drain cleaning and much more.

Drain Repair Services

Drain Repairs

Sometimes, clearing a drain is not enough. Maybe your drain pipes have cracked due to thirsty tree roots. Maybe they have collapsed because of age. Or perhaps a gardening fork or heavy-handed mattock did the trick. Either way, a drain repair or replacement may be your only option. Need an expert opinion on why your drain pipes are leaking or overflowing? Call Reactive Plumbing.

Drain Relining

Should you have a drainage problem that’s hidden under your beautiful landscaping, or a nicely paved driveway, the last thing you’d want is for a plumber to dig it up. There is a better way. It’s called drain or pipe relining. We won’t bore you with all the technical details here, but if you would like to know more, please visit our drain relining page or contact Reactive Plumbing!

Why Choose RootX?

RootX kills tree roots in residential sewer lines, storm water pipes and septic systems. Left untreated, tree roots can cause complete blockage and can eventually destroy your sewer or septic system, costing you big dollars to repair or replace. Stop tree roots now. Get RootX.

Watch this Sydney Water video from the 4min 30sec mark…

If you want complete peace of mind knowing your drainage system has been repaired to Sydney Water Standards, and is safe for you and your family.

Why Choose Reactive Plumbing?

You’ll love your experience with Reactive Plumbing. You’ll receive a call 30 mins before we arrive. You’ll be greeted by a neat & tidy plumber who is courteous, respectful and friendly. You’ll receive a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Get your blocked drains cleared fast.