leaking tap repair sydney

Call Reactive Plumbing Services For Leaking Tap Repair Anywhere In Sydney

Did you know that a single leaking tap can waste up to 260 litres of safe and drinkable water in a year? Living in one of the driest continents in the world, Australians can’t afford to waste even a drop of water, let alone treated water that comes from a tap.

A leaking tap can easily be ignored for months as a mild irritation, but at the end of the day it will cost you and the environment. Some leaks are so slow and subtle that the only way you can tell you have one, is from a change in your water bill. Whether you are dealing with a leak in your shower tap, bath tap, kitchen tap, or even your outdoor garden tap, Reactive Plumbing Services can assist. With us, the cost of a leaking tap repair is more than affordable, and your tap can be fixed in hours.


A leaking tap is easier to ignore than a gushing faucet or pipe, yet it can cause a tremendous amount of damage. This kind of damage tends to accumulate over time until you are faced with a big, expensive problem that you can’t ignore. Here are just some of the benefits of fixing a leaking tap the moment you detect it:

  • SAVE MONEY – a tap that drips just ten times in a minute doesn’t sound serious, but when you consider that it adds up to about three litres a day, and 21 litres a week, you can see how expensive a leaking tap can become. If the leak is coming from a hot water tap, you’ll also experience an increase in your electricity bill.
  • PROTECT PROPERTY – a slow and steady drip of water onto a floor, wall, or ceiling can cause damage, whether the surface is wood or concrete.
  • PREVENT INFESTATIONS – small pools of water can attract and sustain ant, termite, cockroach, and rat infestations.

DIY tap repairs tend to provide a short-term solution to a long-term problem. If you suspect you have a leaking tap, we recommend that you get in touch with us for a professional consultation right away.