Burst pipes are the last thing that homeowners in Kenthurst want to deal with. They can lead to ruined floors and ceilings, mold building up in the drywall, and damaged electronic appliances when not detected and fixed ASAP. Call Reactive Plumbing immediately so we can quickly dispatch an experienced and licensed plumber to promptly resolve the issue.

One of the main causes of broken pipes is corrosion — this is when the piping materials deteriorate especially when it comes in contact with grime, water and other metals. It mostly happens in homes with steel plumbing pipes; over the years, they can corrode, narrow and eventually burst. Homeowners must learn how to prevent this through regular plumbing inspections and by taking care of their plumbing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help in fixing burst pipes. Our plumbers are highly skilled in resolving this type of plumbing problem.